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Bayonetta Comes to Smash!

Once Cloud was announced for Smash, it seems all bets were off! Now we have a personal favorite of mine joining Smash; Bayonetta! It seems to be an extremely odd turn of events. However, Smash has grown from being a generic party game to a genuine fighting game that could rival it’s other, more complex, fighting game siblings. It may seem ridiculous on the surface, almost as if Smash is becoming like the Kingdom Hearts of fighting games, but it seems to signal more than that. With introducing more than just typical Ninetendo alum, we’re really seeing Smash put on its best dress and stepping more forward into the light. I’ve always loved Smash, and while to a degree it can be very serious, the game itself still has the “lighthearted party game” feel. It’s certainly not Soul Caliber or Mortal Kombat. But as it introduced more complex, adult, varied characters like this, it seems to be saying “We don’t want to just be a party game. We want to be the top fighting game ever,” and that makes these developments even more exciting as they come. Check out the announcement trailer for Bayonetta right now:

Ellie Collins
Ellie, a.k.a. FangireQueen, is one of those creative types, and doctors say it’s terminal. A Jill of All Trades, Ellie is an actress, cosplayer, podcaster, writer, and director. She spent time on the first season of The CW’s “The Originals” and has numerous upcoming projects both as an actress and a director. A cosplayer for over 15 years, she now works professionally in film and television as a seamstress. She spent years as a podcast host and still makes appearances on numerous other podcasts form topics raging to girl geekiness to her various projects. Her most recent project is the launch of the first book in her book series Empire Valley, an urban fantasy series. Geekiness has been involved in every inch of her life in all aspects, and continues to do so. She’s big into the three C’s; Comics, Collectibles, and Cosplay. However, she’s recently developed a deep obsession with FPS gaming.

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