You are Wrong About Claire from Jurassic World



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Melissa saw Jurassic World with her partner for the first time over the weekend. She liked it. Last weekend, it had the largest opening weekend of all time. But when they got home, they discovered that it had also stirred up a bit of controversy, and Melissa would like to address it.

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Far be it from us to call out our friends at The Mary Sue, but the Claire we are presented with in Jurassic World is nothing like the one they put forth in their arguments. (Go ahead, read the article, we’ll wait here.- Ed)  Complains that the directors fell into a trope in which her character was presented as less, because she’s not a mother. The author of the Mary Sue’s article suggests we are presented with a story of a woman who must embrace motherhood to be good. Either that’s a load of bollocks, or we saw a very different film.

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