“Armada”: An Evening With Ernie Cline


Ernie Cline is a lifelong geek and 80’s enthusiast, as well as being a former tech support guy and author.  You may recognize his name as penning the screenplay for the Star Wars centric comedy film Fanboys, or from his involvement in the documentary about the unearthing of the Atari E.T. games in the desert.  But we’re here to talk about his books (and Wil-Wheaton-read audio books, which are awesome!).

Every so often a book comes along that makes me physically laugh out loud and conduct conversations with the characters.  (Think scary movies when the dumb blond goes back into the house even though you yell at her DON’T GO BACK IN THE HOUSE!)  One such recent tome is the fantastic “Ready Player One” by Cline.  If you haven’t read it and are a fan of the 80’s culture, stop what you’re doing right now and start reading about Wade Watts and the OASIS. There is even an official Spotify companion soundtrack to the book. The story was purchased by Universal, and is currently in development with that one small director attached….you know, Steven Spielberg.  Zac Penn is currently working on the script, Ernie talks a bit about it in the recording.  (I’m really hoping we end up with Bear McCreary doing the score for the film because he’s already got one Queen song down, man.)

Ernie’s much awaited second novel, “Armada”, once again deals with all things totally tubular (the 80’s), and the appearance of aliens.  Specifically, without spoiling too much for those of you who don’t want to know, video gamers have been systematically training for YEARS to take down alien controlled drones in space.  IN SPAAAAAAAACE.  The book hit shelves just this week, and it already has a ton of buzz.  Maybe that’s because it too has already been purchased to be optioned for a motion picture.

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On his way back home from SDCC, Mr. Cline stopped in at Menlo Park bibliophile staple Kepler’s Books to conduct a talk, Q & A, and signing.  The event was EXTREMELY well attended, and the demographic was amazingly mixed.   I was actually supposed to have a one-on-one with Ernie (I’ve interviewed him before, back on the “Ready Player One” tour) but traffic prevented his arrival early enough to accommodate me. He did however speak with Nerdvana Podcast (who were really awesome).  For your listening enjoyment, here is our audio from Ernie’s talk, and the Q & A here:



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