AoG SDCC Cool Stuff Contest!



Ladies, gentlemen, it’s time for a little bit of a giveaway.

As you know, we’ve got two staffers – John Garcia and Rose Marie Fox – covering San Diego Comic-con for us this year. What you don’t know is that these two staffers are your gateway to fabulous prizes! That’s right, we’ve got a stack of toys, games, books and other wonderful knick-knacks to give away. Some of them brand new, some of them retro, all of them a surprise! “But how?” I hear you cry, “How can I win these wonderful prizes?!” There are two ways, one for those of you already at SDCC, and one for those of you playing at home!


Well then, you’re in luck! Here’s how this is going to work. John will be tweeting out hints to his location and his cosplay throughout the convention, using the tag #FindJohnSDCC. You job is to keep an eye on the official Ace of Geeks Twitter Account, and track his butt down. If you locate him, take a selfie with him and tag it #FindJohnSDCC. Everyone we can verify took a picture and follows our twitter wins a prize! (Until we run out of stuff, which we’ll announce here).


Don’t worry, you too can win a prize! Rose Marie will be running a contest on the official Ace of Geeks Instagram Account! Follow our instagram, and keep an eye out for the tag #WhatsthisSDCC. Rose will be taking obscured or partial pictures of booths, statues and other madness at Comic-con. The first person to comment on her posts with a correct identification wins a prize! (Again, until we run out of stuff, which we’ll announce here.)

Are you excited for Comic-con? Are you excited for free stuff? Keep your eyes on the Ace of Geeks!



Mike Fatum
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