AoG Podcast Episode 150 – Patrick Rothfuss/The Ace of Geeks


It’s time, folks. It’s finally time.




On this, our 150th episode, we welcome you to the next stage of our journey. We’re still going to be your favorite source (We are your favorite, right?) for news, opinions, podcasts, and a fantastic streaming channel. We’ll be adding some new stuff soon, too, but for now, take a look around and immerse yourself. Make sure to check out our Welcome page and all of our staff bios. And of course, be sure to listen to the 150th episode. This week, we welcome Patrick Rothfuss to the show! We’ll discuss his Worldbuilders charity and how you can save lives with chickens, goats and cow poop. We’ll play some word games and make him construct new words on the spot. And we’ll get some damned touching advice on teaching. In between all of that, Mike, Jarys, Melissa, Mae Linh and Rowan get together for the card game Slash. Who’s the best intellectual match for Nikolai Tesla? Who’s can fix the Red Ring of Death through their love? And will anyone put up with Treebeard? All of this and more in the 150th episode!


Episode 150 pt 1

Episode 150 pt 2

Mike Fatum
Referred to as a God Among Men, the Greatest Man that Ever Lived, and That Dude Over There…No, The Dude with the Long Hair and the Goatee…Yes, That Guy, Mike has grown up being known and loved around his apartment. In addition to being a successful film director and editor, he loves video games, movies, comic books, board games, and his wife and cat. He’s been friends with Jarys for over a decade now, and they started hosting a radio show together on college that became the genesis for the Ace of Geeks Podcast. When he realized he had so many talented friends who could write, the Podcast became an entertainment website, and here we are.

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