Another Tale in the Saga of Jetpacks versus Nazis

According to The Hollywood Reporter , The Rocketeer is getting a sequel, written by Max Winkler and Matt Spicer. That’s right, kiddos, the long wait is over. The movie that single-handedly turned a small percentage of a generation of children into wide-eyed jetpack enthusiasts is finally getting a second entry.

No, not that one.

No, not that one.

For those not in the know already, allow me to introduce you to one of the greatest pulp-action cult classics of all time through the filter of my own waning memory! The Rocketeer was a live-action movie about an American guy who was all about doing two things: being a pilot, and having a girlfriend. Unfortunately he wasn’t very good at either. Then one day, he “finds” a jetpack, and suddenly he is experiencing all of the joys of being able to fly around in the sky at commercial airline speeds without ever having to worry about burning his legs off or spontaneously exploding like WITH A REAL GAS-POWERED JETPACK.

What does he do with this power?


-1 Shield, +1 Shiny Metal Hat

-1 Shield, +1 Shiny Metal Hat

He fights gangsters, he sneaky sneaks his way into secret Nazi hideouts disguised as fancy mansions (the hideouts, not the protagonist), and he saves the fling of his life from being kidnapped by some guys in a zeppelin I guess? Ten-year-old me gave it five stars for two reasons: 1) What ten year old DOESN’T dream about flying around with a jetpack? and 2) the protagonist was basically just a regular guy who found a cool gadget and proceeded to be a really cool person about it.

It very clearly presented a question and it’s answer in a way the very best kids movies do:
Q: What do you do when you find something that gives you an advantage over others?
A: Protect the disadvantaged.

Did I mention this was a Disney film?


According to the source, the new movie will be set six years after the original. The name character of the first movie, Mr. The Rocketeer himself, has “disappeared” while fighting the Nazi’s, which is another way of saying he decided he was going to go punch Hitler in the mouth. Back home in America things are still pretty bad, it being the 1930s or 40s after all, so an African American woman pilot steps up to fill the gap left by his brassy helmet and magic backpack by fighting scientists keen on mass producing jetpacks for ALL of the bad guys.

The title of the movie is The Rocketeers. As in, even -more- people with awesome backpack-based jet propulsion.

If you are like me, or like my ten year old self, this should sound AWESOME. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.

We here at the Ace of Geeks (mainly me) are very excited at the prospect, and look forward to seeing how the project unfolds.

Rowan Hansen

One thought on “Another Tale in the Saga of Jetpacks versus Nazis

  1. I really enjoyed The Rocketeer, it brought all the fun and adventure of King of The Rocket Men to the big screen in full colour. That and you see Prince Baron (Brisbane) as an evil Nazi actor.

    I love my jet packs old school, so am looking forward to some good fun diesel punk here.

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