A lone warrior surveys the expanse.

Samurai Jack and Archer impress audiences at San Diego Comic-Con

Friday at the Indigo ballroom delivered excitement for coming seasons of several shows, but none more than FX network’s Archer and the return of Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.


Samurai Jack is well known for its stunning and unique style of animation, enthralling soundtrack and memorable characters. In the new series, several years have passed and fans will find Jack at a crossroads – he has lost his way. “He has always used what he must to survive, but he has become a little more like Aku (the series villian).”

As the series starts, [Jack] is a little lost. Time has passed. The creative team promises all will be answered in 10 episodes.

A lone warrior surveys the expanse.

A lone warrior surveys the expanse

A preview of the intro to the new series revealed elements of a Mad Maxx dystopia with Jack saving an alien northerner from an attacking machine.  “Viewers will have to watch to see how he got here,” said creator/director Genndy Tartakovsky.

“This time we have one really big story for Jack – we can tackle more of the drama of his storyline. We don’t have anyone breathing down our neck. We can kill,  show blood – we have more freedom.”


Beloved voice actor Mako Iwamatsu, voice of Samurai Jack’s nemesis Aku, passed away in 2006. The team admitted it was difficult to even consider returning to the series without his unmistakable voice.

“We considered writing around Aku in the new story, however fans can rest assured Aku will be in the new series,” stated Tartakovsky. “We found someone who can do his voice. Sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it’s ok, we’re working on it.”



The cast of Archer was in high spirits and their energy was intoxicating. The cast joked about who could hold their liquor and Aisha Tyler and Lucky Yates wrestled on the stage. The cast had some fun with the interpreter including a few choice phrases I’m sure you can imagine on your own.

The room buzzed in appreciation as the new season was revealed to be a jump into the Noir genre – much like Archer: Vice (season 5.) Pam and Gillette are cops,  and Archer is a detective investigating the murder of his loyal man-servant. Cheryl remains an heiress and Mallory owns a bar called the Dreamland Lounge.  There Kreiger bartends and plays the sax while Lana sings the blues.   Aisha Tyler lends her talented singing voice to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” as mob scenes, car chases,  kidnappings and murders play on.

“Wow. When did Archer become the coolest thing on television?” asked Jon Benjamin.

Dreamland will be the 7th season of Archer, a show that is written by just one man – Adam Reed. Reed announced the show had been renewed for 3 more seasons, each season consisting of 8 episodes.

Renewed for 3 more seasons

Renewed for 3 more seasons!7

Archer: Dreamland will premiere on FXX network this coming January 2017.


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