Amazon-Exclusive Kamen Rider Amazon Remake to Drop April 1st


A partnership between Toei and Amazon Prime Instant Video Japan has just been announced that is ridiculous, ultra-violent, and based on a children’s television show, achieving the Tokusatsu Trifecta. Inspired by the aptly chosen 1974’s Kamen Rider Amazon (get it? Get it? Amazon?) Kamen Rider Amazons is set to begin streaming on April 1st in Japan.



The series stars Tom Fujita (Harajuku Dragon, Tokyo: the City of Glass) as Haruka Mizusawa or Kamen Rider Amazon Omega, the protagonist of the series, and Masashi Taniguchi (Tokyo Psycho, Carved 2, Arcana) as Jin Takayama or Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha, a red Kamen Rider Amazonimage who specializes in hunting other Amazons. From the initial teaser trailer posted Amazon Prime Japan it appears that Haruka is “a young man ignorant of the world” who becomes consumed with the spirit of Kamen Rider Amazon. The series also features a group of men described as The Extermination Squad, experts on eliminating Amazons who are presumably tied somehow with Amazon Alpha, Mizuki Mizusawa, Haruka’s stepsister, and Izumi Nanaha, described as “Jin’s close partner.”image

Featuring such totally awesome lines like “Even before becoming Amazon, I only ate what I killed myself,” said by Jin Takayama while cracking a raw egg directly into his mouth, and “Only you can decide whether Amazon is human or not,” said by a currently unnamed female character. From the looks of it the series appears to be about conflicting personalities, were-monster style, between Kamen Rider Amazon and Haruka Mizusawa. imageIt appears to explore a topic and area that has not been greatly touched on in the long running series, and is distinctly different from the plot of the original Kamen Rider Amazon series.

Two series directors have been attached to the project so far: Hidenori Ishida who is known for directing a variety of Heisei-era Kamen Rider series from Kamen Rider Kuuga through Kamen Rider Drive, and the more versatile Ryuta Tazaki who has been involved in Kamen Rider series, Sentai series, as well Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Gamera the Brave, and Kamen Rider the Next (a feature film loosely based on the first Kamen Rider, Ichigo).

imageSo far there is no hint at a possible US release, however if there is enough of a fan interest perhaps Amazon could be capable of subtitling the series of a wider release outside of Japan. For now we can only wait with bated breath and hope.

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