All the Final Fantasy XV News You Missed Last Night

Last night, Square Enix held a giant, live streamed event called FFXV: Uncovered, to finally reveal all the details of the long, long, loooong awaited newest entry in the Final Fantasy series. FFXV has had a bumpy road, beginning as a spinoff to Final Fantasy XIII and continuing into its new life as the next numbered title in the series. In the last year, we finally got a demo of the game, and fan excitement has only grown. Square Enix dumped a ton of new information on us last night, so here’s a round up in case you missed it all:




In case you missed it, here it is: FFXV will be out in stores on September 30th. That’s just a few more months, guys!





It’s unusual for a game to get two demos, but since the last one was only playable if you bought a separate FF spinoff game, we’re pretty happy about this. The Platinum Demo for Final Fantasy XV is available to download right now on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s also not quite what you’d expect – instead of a slice of the game itself, it’s a standalone adventure taking place in the mind of Noctis when he was a young boy. We’ll have some more thoughts on it later this week.




Square Enix has apparently decided to go all out and make this a multimedia event around the launch of their newest game. They’ll be making a CG prequel movie to the game, following main character Noctis’ father and the events that lead to our heroes road trip around the world. The film is no slouch in the acting department either, starring Sean Bean, Lena Headey, and Aaron Paul. Check out the first trailer:





What’s that you say? You like this whole prequel idea, but you want something that takes place directly before the events of hte game? And you’d prefer it be animated? And you want to watch it right this damned minute? Well, I guess we could do that for you. Or, rather, Square could do that for you. Last night they announced an anime prequel to FFXV, and then immediately launched the first episode for your viewing pleasure. Check it out here:

Ok, that was so stereotypically anime that it hurts, but I really enjoyed it. The four characters seem like they’ll be interesting enough to hang around with for the 60-1,000 hours of gametime in your typical Final Fantasy, and I learned enough of the story to care about them all. I’m interested to see how the other four episodes stack up.



And finally, check out a kickass trailer for  the game that just came out, featuring – of all things – Florence and the Machine doing a cover of “Stand By Me.”

The giant monsters, the chocobo rides, everything about this looks like it could be really awesome. Let’s hope the almost ten year bake it’s had has been worth it.

Oh, and if you want to watch the whole three hour presentation from last night, check it out right here:


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