The Ace of Geeks Extra Life Stream 2016!

Hey folks! It’s that time of year again – time to watch a bunch of your favorite writers and staff of The Ace of Geeks slowly descend into madness while playing our favorite board and video games for twenty four straight hours. It’s all for a good cause, specifically raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and helping sick kids – plus, we’re planning on being at least moderately entertaining. Last year, we destroyed Harry Potter’s parents relationships in a game of Tokyo Brain Pop, played the longest game of Firefly ever, and raised over a thousand dollars for kids in need. Next week, on November 5th, we’ll do it again.

How can you help, you ask? Well, head to this link right here:


There, you can donate your hard earned cash to help save sick children, and support us throughout the night.


Here’s the full schedule:

10am-12pm – Minecraft Dream Home Competition

Competitors will have two hours to construct a Dream Home in Minecraft creative mode. An independent panel of judges will judge the home based on Originality, Theming, and Asthetics. We’re gonna build some crazy stuff.

12pm-2pm – Joking Hazard/Happy Daggers/Small Board Games

We’re gonna kick off our board gaming with the brand new game Joking Hazard, and the Shakespearean fighting game Happy Daggers. If we run out of those and still have time left, we’ll dive into other portable games like Coup and Get Bit.

2pm-6pm – Heroquest and Imperial Assault

Heroquest is the granddaddy of the choose-your-own-adventure, pen-and-paper-lite style of game, and we’ve got a complete box sitting on the shelf waiting to be played. And then we’ll try out its worthy successor, the Star Wars themed Imperial Assault!

6pm – 8pm – Sheriff of Nottingham

Get ready for some trading, blackmailing and general snobbery as our merry band of traders attempts to sneak black market goods into a renaissance village, and past…the Sheriff of Nottingham. This competitive bluffing game is a ton of fun, especially with the right group of people. Which we have.

8pm-9pm – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

One person has to defuse a bomb. The other has to read the bomb manual and tell them how. The catch is that one with the manual can’t see the screen with the bomb, and has to describe it as best they can. This tense, two player game is sure to provide some laughs and screams as we desperately attempt to keep from blowing the hell up.

9pm – 12am – World Wide Wrestling

Mike, Ben, Ryan, Tyler and more of our friends are going to get themselves together to run the first ever Pay Per View for the Ace of Geeks new unscripted comedy roleplaying wrestling experience! Last time, the treacherous Vengeance broke from the script and handed the World Championship to perpetual jobber Ron “The Real Deal” Steele! How will the fallout from that lead to our main event at Eternal Rival? Find out tonight, on a sold out pay per view spectacular! #RealDealQuestionMark #GoToHellLance #TheseHashtagsWillMakeSenseWhenYouWatchTheShow

12am-4am – Firefly The Board Game

Last year, a single game of this went six hours. We think we have a better handle on the rules this time, and we certainly have a more organized box, thanks to the fine folks at Broken Token. Can the gang keep the game to four hours? Or will we travel the ‘verse…forever? Only time will tell.

4am-6am – Overwatch

Mike, with whoever else is awake on commentary, will be jumping onto the gaming PC at this point to bust out a lovely game or twelve of Overwatch. Can we take the point? Can we defeat the witch? Will being this tired make our aim better or worse? All of this and more!

6am – 8am – Codenames

With the rest of the participants beleaguerdly crawling out of their sleeping quarters to rejoin the game, it’s time to make everyone think really hard. Codenames is a guessing game based on the connection between the spymaster and his cohorts, and it should be damned hilarious on this little sleep.

8am – 10am – Red Dragon Inn

As is tradition, The Ace of Geeks will end their morning with a drinking game. Red Dragon Inn is always a blast with our tired selves, so come along and cheer us on through the final stretch.

Again, please head to this link and give us some donations, it’s really for a good cause, and it would be a shame to put ourselves through this for nothing. You want to help, I know you do, so go donate!

Head to our Twitch page to see all the festivities, or just watch it right here:


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Mike Fatum
Referred to as a God Among Men, the Greatest Man that Ever Lived, and That Dude Over There…No, The Dude with the Long Hair and the Goatee…Yes, That Guy, Mike has grown up being known and loved around his apartment. In addition to being a successful film director and editor, he loves video games, movies, comic books, board games, and his wife and cat. He’s been friends with Jarys for over a decade now, and they started hosting a radio show together on college that became the genesis for the Ace of Geeks Podcast. When he realized he had so many talented friends who could write, the Podcast became an entertainment website, and here we are.

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