ABC Developing “Damage Control” Series About the Folks Who Clean Up After the Avengers

Variety has just reported that ABC is looking to put their third Marvel series into production – a new comedy based on the short-lived-but-well-loved Marvel Comic Books about Damage Control. Damage Control, for those of you who aren’t familiar, are the official superhero cleanup crew in the Marvel Universe. After a universe ended dust up like The Battle of New York, the team rolls in and cleans up the mess, answering the long-burning question of exactly how New York ends up looking pristine in the next issue. Variety reports that this is a half hour, single camera comedy, which means it’s likely to be in the style of The Office. That’s an absolutely perfect format for something like this.

The show is being developed by Ben Carlin, who’s done work for The Daily Show and Modern Family. More news as it develops – what do you think? Will this be a great new chapter in Marvel TV, or their first dud?

Mike Fatum
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